Start Center

Redesigned and even simpler: Instead of the seven categories from before, the new Start Center of the new version of TuneUp Utilities has four areas guiding you directly to the optimization and customization functions. At the same time, you can see the health of your PC at a glance. Problems or bottlenecks are displayed and upcoming optimization steps recommended. For more performance, more stability, more customization!

At your fingertips:

* Maintain system
* Increase performance
* Fix problems
* Customize Windows
* Launch Turbo Mode
* Configure Live Optimization

TuneUp Gadget
TuneUp Gadget

New in TuneUp Utilities: Users now have a brief overview of system health and easy access to key optimization features without having to start TuneUp Utilities. The TuneUp Gadget for your desktop:

* Displays your PC's health directly on the Desktop
* Gives you direct access to key functions
* Runs under Windows Vista™ and Windows 7™


The TuneUp Gadget in the new version displays your computer’s health clearly and directly on the Desktop. Problems or bottlenecks found are fixed faster this way — usually with just one click. The TuneUp Gadget works under Windows Vista™ and Windows 7™.

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